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Sadhu The Silent Ones (2007) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Sadhu The Silent Ones (2007) 1

    In the 19th century, when the sun did not dare set on the British Empire, James Jensen went to India as a soldier in the Her Majesty's Army. Losing his family to betrayal and violence, Jensen became a SADHU, a True Warrior who must embrace the spiritual path to salvation. Now an emptiness rules James Jensen's heart, and he wanders aimlessly. His travels bring him to the Kumbh Mela, a truly epic gathering of mystics, where deadly enemies and shadowy allies lie in wait. But even that's not the biggest surprise, as James learns that a loved one might indeed still live. Cover price $2.99.

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    $5 2007 VIRGIN Comics THE SADHU The Silent Ones: Volume 2 - 1st Print - TPB - VF

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  • Issue #2
    Sadhu The Silent Ones (2007) 2

    James Jensen, the soldier who became a mystic continues his journey which takes him beyond the limits of the physical world into Limbo. There he encounters another like him whose saga has been told in legends. But the problem with legends is that they are not always true. Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #3
    Sadhu The Silent Ones (2007) 3

    by Saurav Mohapatra & R. Manikandan The journey continues for James Jensen, once a soldier in the British Army in the 19th century India and now The Sadhu, a spiritual warrior seeking shelter from the storm that rages in his soul. Somewhere in his journey from limbo into the corporeal world, James seems to be trapped in a place where the distinction between dreams and reality are blurred. This Dreamtime is a manifestation of a collective unconsciousness, where nothing is as it seems. Seeking to rescue a someone he loves from the clutches of the evil Silent Ones, James encounters a being who alters his perception of reality forever. Can James face his own darkest fears and desires, and find a way out of this place before it claims his sanity? Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #4
    Sadhu The Silent Ones (2007) 4

    By Saurav Mohapatra & R. Manikandan Once he was a soldier for the British Empire. Now, James Jensen is a sadhu, a mystic warrior, and he searches for the son he had believed to be dead. Joining forces with the legendary hermit king of Limbo, Trishanku, James ventures deep into the Central Indian forest to free his son from the clutches of the Silent Ones. But a lost tribe of warriors waits in ambush for James and Trishanku! Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #5
    Sadhu The Silent Ones (2007) 5

    by Mohapatra, Marz & Manikandan The second Sadhu saga reaches its stunning climax! James Jensen, the British soldier who became a mystic warrior, and his mysterious ally Trishanku launch an all-out attack on the stronghold of the Silent Ones in a desperate effort to save Jensen's son. But even as they breach the outer defenses of the cult's fortress, Jensen and Trishanku realize that the devious Grand Mistress has sprung a trap that might forever change the very fabric of this world and beyond! Cover price $2.99.