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Marvel Monsters HC (2006 Marvel) comic books

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Marvel Monsters HC (2006 Marvel) 1-1ST

    1st printing. Collects Marvel Monsters: Monsters on the Prowl (2005), Marvel Monsters: Where Monsters Dwell (2005), Marvel Monsters: Devil Dinosaur (2005), and Marvel Monsters: Fin Fang Four (2005); plus material from Tales to Astonish (1959-1968 1st Series) #1, Journey into Mystery (1952-1998) #62, Strange Tales (1951-1976 1st Series) #89 and Tales to Astonish (1959-1968 1st Series) #10; and Marvel Monsters: The Files of Ulysses Bloodstone (2005). Written by STEVE NILES, ERIC POWELL, TOM SNEIGOSKI, ROGER LANGRIDGE, MICK GRAY, PETER DAVID, JEFF PARKER, and KEITH GIFFEN. Art by DUNCAN FEGRADO, ERIC POWELL, MARK FARMER, ROGER LANGRIDGE, ARNOLD PANDER, RUSSELL BRAUN, and KEITH GIFFEN. Cover by ERIC POWELL. Marvel's monsters unleashed in four timeless tales by today's hottest creators! In MONSTERS ON THE PROWL, it's the Hulk, the Thing, Giant-Man and the Beast vs. a tidal wave of classic creatures when the Collector inadvertently lets loose Droom, Grogg, Goom, Rombuu, Grattu and more on New York City! In DEVIL DINOSAUR, two young Celestials debate prehistoric Earth's superior life form. But when the ferocity of Devil Dinosaur proves no match for the opposition, a savage from the future is brought back for a battle you thought you'd never see: Hulk vs. Devil Dino! In FIN FANG FOUR, four giant monsters - incarcerated for years for their crimes against humanity - now find themselves shrunk to human size and working at the home of the very people who captured them: the Fantastic Four! Meet Googam, Son of Goom; Elektro; Gorgilla; and Fin Fang Foom! But when Goom's mad plan to rescue his father goes awry, the quartet must put aside their differences and become - the Fin Fang Four! And in WHERE MONSTERS DWELL, witness the terror of Monstrollo, the horror of Manoo and the fright of Bombu! Hardcover, 216 pages, full color. Cover price $20.99.