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Children's Crusade (1993 DC/Vertigo) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Children's Crusade (1993 DC/Vertigo) 1

    Neil Gaiman, writer of THE SANDMAN, tells a powerful and mysterious tale that begins when all the children of an English village mysteriously vanish. Rowland and Paine, the two dead boy-detectives introduced in Sandman (1989 2nd Series) #25, investigate the disappearances and learn of the existence of the otherworldly Free Country. But the denizens of that realm have conceived a mysterious plot that involves several young beings of power - Suzy, the child Black Orchid; Animal Man's daughter, Tefe; Dorothy Spinner of the Doom Patrol; and Tim Hunter, the young mage introduced in THE BOOKS OF MAGIC. Continues in Black Orchid (1993) Annual #1. Illustrated by Chris Bachalo and Mike Barreiro. Painted cover by John Totleben with a metallic fifth color. 68 pages. Suggested for Mature Readers. New Format. Cover price $3.95.

  • Issue #2
    Children's Crusade (1993 DC/Vertigo) 2

    Continued from Arcana Annual Books of Magic (1994) #1. In the conclusion of the monumental Vertigo Annuals event, the plans of the strange children of Free Country come to fruition and the fate of that mystical land is decided. The children of the Vertigo titles will all be changed by their experiences...and one will not return. Co-written by Neil Gaiman, Alisa Kwitney and Jamie Delano, with art by Peter Snejbjerg. Painted cover by John Totleben. 68 pages. Suggested for Mature Readers. New Format. Cover price $3.95.