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Superman 3-D (1998) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Superman 3-D (1998) 1

    A 3-D special starring the Man of Steel! Misa has to decide whether to stay with the guy she's got a crush on--Metropolis' own Jimmy Olsen--or go home to the Hairies and her parents! Trouble is, she may not have a home to return to, since the malefactors known as Mainframe are conspiring to put all of the universe's dimensions on disk for easy storage...and they're starting with Misa's hometown: the Wild Area! Not even the resourceful Jimmy and the gadget-laden Misa are enough to halt Mainfame's mad march, so they need superior the form of the Man of Steel! Written by Louise Simonson. Art by Neil Vokes and Scott Koblish. Cover by Scot Eaton and Jimmy Palmiotti. FC, 48 pg. NOTE: This is the 1998 Superman 3-D edition with a 3.95 cover price, it may or may not come with 3-D glasses. Cover price $3.95.