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Superman 80-Page Giant (1999) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Superman 80-Page Giant (1999) 1

    "How to be a Super-Hero" featuring Six-Pack from Hitman by Garth Ennis with art by Nelson Dicastro Cover price $4.95.

  • Issue #2
    Superman 80-Page Giant (1999) 2

    80 pages, full color Written by joe Casey, Doselle Young, Chuck Dixon, and various. Art by Mike Avon Oeming, Mike Collins, Eric Canete, and various. With cover by Tony Harris. Cover price $4.95.

  • Issue #3
    Superman 80-Page Giant (1999) 3

    WRITTEN BY JAY FAERBER; ART BY YVEL GUICHET, RON LIM, PAUL RYAN, JUSTINIANO, SUNNY LEE, MARK BAGLEY, PASCUAL FERRY, SCOTT HANNA, CHRIS IVY, JOE RUBINSTEIN, AND VARIOUS; COVER BY KEVIN NOWLAN In stores September 13. A Rashomon-style story showcasing the different perspectives of Superman and his supporting cast! As Lex Luthor unveils his newly donated wing in a Metropolis museum, the proceedings are interrupted by a monster! But is it a Kryptonian beastie? Or is it actually an old B- movie-type monster? Or is it a giant, manga-style robot? Maybe a huge Amazonian-type warrior? Can anyone get their story straight about what they saw? Or could all of them somehow be right? Guess it's up to Superman to find out the truth...or maybe Lois and Jimmy...or maybe... FC, 80 PG. Cover price $5.95.

  • Issue #2010
    Superman 80-Page Giant (1999) 2010

    Written by MIKE RAICHT, KATHRYN IMMONEN, BEN MCCOOL, PAT MCCALLUM, JASON HALL, RIK HOSKIN and SEAN RYAN. Art by CHARLES PAUL WILSON III, TONCI ZONJIC, MATT CAMP, MIKE SHOYKET, JULIÁN LÓPEZ, RB SILVA and CLAYTON HENRY. Art by CLAYTON HENRY, and JULIÁN LÓPEZ. Cover by AARON LOPRESTIA thrilling collection of up-and-coming talent tackles Superman and the heroes of Metropolis! Packed with guest stars galore including Bizarro, Lois Lane and many more, these timeless tales of The Man of Steel are destined to thrill! Cover price $5.99.

  • Issue #2011
    Superman 80-Page Giant (1999) 2011

    Written by PAUL TOBIN, COLLEEN COOVER, JOE CARAMAGNA, STEVE HORTON, ABHAY KHOSLA, NEIL KLEID, AUBREY SITTERSON & BEAU TIDWELL. Art by AMILCAR PINNA, TREVOR MCCARTHY, DEAN HASPIEL, EDDY BARROWS, JP MAYER, CAFU, BIT, DAN MCDAID & ANDY MACDONALD. Cover by DUSTIN NGUYEN. Get ready for seven fresh and exciting stories spotlighting Superman and his friends and foes by some of the industry's most promising talent! In one story, either Twilight-mania has finally hit Smallville, or Superboy has a vampire problem on his hands. Meanwhile, when a lab full of Jimmy Olsen clones escapes and runs amok in Metropolis, it's up to Superman and Jimmy to round 'em all up before things turn even more bizarre! And speaking of bizarre, take a trip to Bizarro World for 'Bizarro Grounded'! Plus, stories of Supergirl, Krypto, Jor-El, and more! On sale FEBRUARY 2 ? 80 pg, FC Cover price $5.99.