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Killing Pickman (2007) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Killing Pickman (2007) 1

    by Jason Becker & Jon Rea William 'Bloody Wulf' Zu is a New York homicide detective that has just made the arrest of his career. With the apprehension of Richard Pickman he has solved over one hundred missing child cases over a span of thirty years. The excavation of Pickman's basement reveals horrors beyond imagination: the bodies of children mutilated in bizarre satanic rites. But nine years of solving violent crimes and this latest and most awful discovery has pushed William Zu to the brink. Frustrated with his role of clean-up man to the detritus of the world, William makes what may be a fatal mistake: he decides to kill Pickman, a man who may be no ordinary imprisoned psychopath. Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #2
    Killing Pickman (2007) 2

    by Jason Becker & Jon Rea In the hospital's security ward, Richard Pickman recovers from gunshot wounds received during his arrest. Pickman claims during a psychological evaluation to have made a deal with a demon: in exchange for long life and power Pickman must torture and murder children for his demonic benefactor. Only William Zhu, the detective who brought him to justice, believes Pickman's claims, and as Pickman awaits trial Zhu struggles with a growing thought: he has to kill Pickman. Cover price $3.50.