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Badger Shattered Mirror (1994) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Badger Shattered Mirror (1994) 1

    Written by MIKE BARON. Art & cover by JILL THOMPSON. As any good psychologist will tell you, people with multiple personality disorders often face the personalities battling for dominance, so it only seemed appropriate that Badger actually battle with himself for your funnybook money! In this series, which reveals yet another never-before-revealed secret origin for Badger, Daisy Fields is an ambitious young therapist who's just been assigned to Norbert Sykes, also known as Max Swell, Emily, Pierre, Gastineau and...Badger! A world-class martial artist, a post-traumatic syndrome-suffering Vietnam vet, and full-blown multiple personality, Badger is the strangest and most dangerous case Daisy will ever take. If this weren't enough, Daisy's got to deal with her drug-dealing boyfriend and a mysterious campus menace known only as the Phantom! Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #2
    Badger Shattered Mirror (1994) 2

    Written by MIKE BARON. Art & cover by JILL THOMPSON. The Badger is released from the mental hospital and Daisy Fields has the unenviable job of helping him reintegrate into society. Can a stressed-out Vietnam vet suffering from multiple personality disorder handle today's PC world? But the Badger is the least of Daisy's problems. Between her drug-dealing boyfriend Eric, and the mysterious masked assailant the Phantom, who seems to have developed a romantic fixation on her, Daisy has her hands full! Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #3
    Badger Shattered Mirror (1994) 3

    Written by MIKE BARON. Art & cover by JILL THOMPSON. Daisy gets Badger out of jail, but he's definitely not out of trouble! Under hypnosis, Badger uncovers even more disturbing memories of his imprisonment in a tiger cage in Laos at the "mercy" of Captain Sang. Daisy's therapy takes a dangerous turn when she uncovers a heretofore hidden personality...the murderous Pierre! Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #4
    Badger Shattered Mirror (1994) 4

    Written by MIKE BARON. Art & cover by JILL THOMPSON. The Phantom has an undying hatred for Badger and a bizarre obsession with Daisy Fields - this combined with his terrorist training in the camps of Lebanon makes this conclusion a sure bet for action-packed thriller of the month! When the Phantom kidnaps Daisy and takes her to his hideout in the steam tunnels, Badger storms to her rescue. Armed with two fists and six personalities, can Badger defeat this terrorist foe? Cover price $2.50.