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Deadface Earth, Water, Air and Fire (1992) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Deadface Earth, Water, Air and Fire (1992) 1

    By EDDIE CAMPBELL. Bacchus and Simpson travel to Sicily in this 1st issue of a brand new 4-issue series written and drawn by Eddie Campbell. While Bacchus waxes poetic on the Greek god Hephaistus, who set up shop in Sicily back when it was still "The Land of Persephone," Vinnie Bossonova has become a target for Sicily's all-too-modern-day inhabitants - the Mafia! Writer/artist Campbell puts a novel twist on the characters of Greek mythology (especially the wine-enamored Bacchus). This is the first full-length Bacchus story, and demonstrates his growth as an artist and a storyteller. Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #2
    Deadface Earth, Water, Air and Fire (1992) 2

    By EDDIE CAMPBELL. While in Sicily, Bacchus and Simpson are shanghaied by Don Skylla's "boys," who deliver our divine duo to the local godfather. It seems that one of Don Skylla's runners, Vinnie Bossanova, had the misfortune to surrender the Eye of Fate to Skylla's enemies, the Kabeiroi - and Don Skylla wants it back. Of course, so does Bacchus. In the midst of these gangland dealings, Joe Theseus surfaces (literally!) from the ocean depths and runs right into...the Eyeball Kid! This full-length adventure story of gods running amok is written and drawn by Eddie Campbell, with a dramatic cover painting featuring old blind Joe Theseus by Campbell. Also: Simpson's Believe It or Not! Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #3
    Deadface Earth, Water, Air and Fire (1992) 3

    By EDDIE CAMPBELL. A modern-day Trojan War is brewing between the Mafia and the Kabeiroi, and the gods have been solicited for their patronage. While Bacchus and Simpson are wined (and dined) by the Mafia, Joe Theseus is taken in by the Kabeiroi - until the feisty Eyeball Kid plunges into the soup. What ensues can only be called the Crash of Titans, with Eyeball at the wheel! Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #4
    Deadface Earth, Water, Air and Fire (1992) 4

    By EDDIE CAMPBELL. Bacchus, Theseus and the gang manage a jail break in Sicily, with the considerable help of the ever-popular Eyeball Kid. In addition, the true history of the mystical Eyes of Future Past and Fate is revealed by Simpson...before he vanishes without a trace! Cover price $2.50.