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Askani'son TPB (1997) comic books

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Askani'son TPB (1997) 1-1ST
    Published Oct 1997 by Marvel.

    1st printing. Continuing the epic tale of the early years of the man called Cable! He's young, impulsive, questions everything and happens to possess untold mutant power--he is Nathan Dayspring Summers, the Askani'son! 2,000 years in the future, mankind stands on the brink of chaos. Warring factions compete for the vacant throne of the High Lord Apocalypse, and innocents are caught in the crossfire. Mankind's only hope is a small band of believers who have kept alive the ideals that the X-Men fought for in the distant past--the Sisterhood of the Askani! But as they await the coming of the one they call the Askani'son, their own leader descends deeper into insanity, and the heir to Apocalypse--the boy known as Stryfe--plots a bloody ascension. Now Nathan must seize his destiny--or bear witness to the triumph of ultimate evil! This 96-page trade paperback reprints Askani'son (1996) #1-4. Written by Scott Lobdell and Jeph Loeb. Art by Gene Ha and Andrew Pepoy. Cover by Gene Ha. Cover price $12.99.