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Spidey and the Mini Marvels Halloween Ashcan (2003) comic books

  • Issue #0
    Spidey and the Mini Marvels Halloween Ashcan (2003) 0

    Contains material originally published in Spidey and the Mini Marvels (2003) #1 by Chris Giarrusso. This Halloween night, there'll be lots of little trick-or-treating Spider-Mans, Hulks and Wolverines knocking on your door, so give them a Halloween treat that will make your home the most popular on the block -- a Marvel comic book! Marvel Comics and Previews present a special 24-page Halloween Ashcan featuring Spidey and the always-popular Venom in a Mini-Marvels adventure, by the writer/artist of Bullpen Bits, Chris Giarrusso. 24 pages, full color.