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Planet of the Capes GN (2004) comic books

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Planet of the Capes GN (2004) 1-1ST

    1st printing. Written by Larry Young. Art by Brandon McKinney. Immortal muscleman, The Grand! Super-patriot, Justice Hall! The tragic Jeckyll-and-Hyde-in-one-horrific-body known as Schaff! Kastra: sexy teen daughter of an alien space commander! Together they are their world's greatest heroes. But when they're accidentally transported to our Earth, a place where superheroes are merely comic book characters, their heroism, morality and ethics are out the window on a planet they can rule! Superhero archetypes are skewered and comic book industry factions satirized in this four-color punch-'em-up by publishing mogul Larry Young and Switchblade Honey artist, Brandon McKinney! Softcover, 88 pages, full color. MATURE READERS NOTE: This is an interesting take on the Superhero archetypes with an "Oh, Henry" ending you have to see to believe. - Odinson, Lone STar Comics Archivist Cover price $12.95.