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Medal of Honor (1994) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Medal of Honor (1994) 1

    Written by DOUG MURRAY. Art by VARIOUS. Cover by WALT SIMONSON. When you can't bend steel or leap buildings, the price of heroism goes up; so do the rewards. Following hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed special, MEDAL OF HONOR features biographies of the brave people who risked their lives for freedom. Richard Bong and Julius Langbein are the subjects of this premiere issue. Richard Bong, a fighter pilot in WWII, was decorated with the Medal of Honor for having the top success kill-ratio in the war. Faced with his new role as a hero, Bong must come to terms with the meaning of war and what he has done. Our second feature takes place during the Civil War, when fifteen-year-old Julius Langbein was a drummer boy in the Union Army. Proof that courage defies all categories, the young man ventures bravely into the battlefield to save his dying comrades when no one else will. Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #2
    Medal of Honor (1994) 2

    Written by DOUG MURRAY. Art by VARIOUS. Cover by ART ADAMS. Crossing the globe and jumping the pages of history, comes the second issue in the MEDAL OF HONOR series. The fight for freedom continues in this celebration of transcontinental American courage. Maurice Britt, high-school football hero, exhibits a different brand of heroism in WWII when he single-handedly prevents a major German offensive in Italy. His bravery comes with a price that his country rewards with its greatest honor. In the second story, Jimmie Howard and his troop are injured and outnumbered against the Viet Cong. They literally laugh in the face of death, and are rewarded with a second chance...and the Medal of Honor! Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #3
    Medal of Honor (1994) 3

    Written by DOUG MURRAY. Art by VARIOUS. Cover by BERNIE MIREAULT. Racing down the tracks of danger and heroism comes the third installment in the MEDAL OF HONOR series. Eighteen Yankee soldiers make off with a Confederate train and find they've got themselves the chase of a lifetime. When this revolutionary race screeches to a halt, the result is twisted steel, death and the very first Medal of Honor. Our next hero tells a terrifying tale of bravery on the water. Fighting smoke and fire, Officer Donald Ross battles the elements as well as the enemy. Rising from the flames to save his comrades and his ship, this brave hero is rewarded with the Medal of Honor. Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #4
    Medal of Honor (1994) 4

    Written by DOUG MURRAY. Art by VARIOUS. Cover by FRANK MILLER. With gunfire and grit, we bring you the fourth in the popular MEDAL OF HONOR series. Time begins to run out for our troops when they are ordered to initiate an assault that leaves them surrounded without food, water or shelter - and low on ammunition. Desperate situations require desperate measures, and three brave leaders inspire this lost battalion to come out fighting! They walk away with the Medal of Honor and a life-long reminder for the men they truly lost. In our second story, our brave hero is tearing up the pages to aid our Navy's first African-American aviator. This courageous fighter proves the value of camaraderie, courage and recognition. When the smoke settles, we see that bravery truly transcends all boundaries. Cover price $2.50.