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Gumby (2007) FCBD comic books

  • Issue #2007
    Gumby (2007) FCBD 2007
  • Issue #2008
    Gumby (2007) FCBD 2008
    Tags: FCBD (part 2008)
    Published 2008 by Wildcard Ink.

    GUMBYS COLORING COMICBOOK SPECIAL #1 2008 FCBD ED Gumby snaps back! Courtesy of writers Mike Hersh (Rabid Animal Komix) and Bob Burden (Flaming Carrot), along with art from series favorite Rick Geary (Victorian Murder Mysteries) and fellow comic greats Phil Ortiz (The Simpsons), Ken Hooper (Aquaman), and Mel Smith (Dead Ahead) in this spectacular coloring comic edition! Infected by a computer worm our favorite bendable hero seeks help from the Mad Doctor. A mini-Gumby is created and embarks on a hilarious adventure inside his own body searching for the terrible worm. Will Gumby find the worm? What does the inside of a clay boy look like? Find out and join in the fun as you get to be the colorist in the wackiest Gumby tale yet!