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X-Factor Forever (2010) comic books

  • Issue #1
    X-Factor Forever (2010) 1
    Published May 2010 by Marvel.

    Written by LOUISE SIMONSON. Art and Cover by DAN PANOSIAN. THEY'RE BACK! Once they were Xavier's young charges: mutant teens who bore the responsibility of protecting a world that hated them. But time has hardened these five X-Men, forcing them to reimagine their mission and purpose. And now, the original dream-team returns to fight the one threat that's haunted them since the day they took on the X-Factor name. Join legendary X-scribe Louise Simonson as she reunites with the title and characters she made famous for an epic in the FOREVER tradition! 40 pages, full color. Cover price $3.99.

  • Issue #2
    X-Factor Forever (2010) 2
    Published Jun 2010 by Marvel.

    Written by LOUISE SIMONSON. Art and Cover by DAN PANOSIAN. Enslavement. Torture. Annihilation. Apocalypse looked into the future of mutantkind and, foreseeing disaster, enacted an end-game to save the children of the atom from the hatred of their less-gifted but more numerous brethren. But his plan to create a burgeoning mutant population has backfired disastrously. When a Celestial arrives to stand judgment on humanity, will X-Factor and their sworn enemy be forced to work together to assure humanity's salvation? Find out as beloved X-Factor creator Louise Simonson and fan-favorite Dan Panosian continue to deliver the twists in this FOREVER epic! 32 pages, full color. Cover price $3.99.

  • Issue #3
    X-Factor Forever (2010) 3
    Published Jul 2010 by Marvel.

    Written by LOUISE SIMONSON. Art by DAN PANOSIAN and ALUIR ALMANCINO. Cover by DAN PANOSIAN. If you can't trust a semi-autonomous battle cruiser from space to betray you to a bunch of alien gods, who CAN you trust? That's the question facing the mutant tyrant Apocalypse when Ship, the Celestial artifact-turned-X-Factor-HQ, develops sentience and starts reporting to its makers. What exactly has Ship told the omnipotent Celestials...and what does it all have to do with young Christopher Summers? Cover price $3.99.

  • Issue #4
    X-Factor Forever (2010) 4
    Published Aug 2010 by Marvel.

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    Written by LOUISE SIMONSON Pencils by DAN PANOSIAN & ERIC NGUYEN Cover by DAN PANOSIAN APOCALYPSE BACK-UP Art by ALUIR AMANCIO & TERRY AUSTIN THE EVOLUTION CONTINUES! Space Gods. Ancient Egyptian despots. Mutant-killing cyborgs. The members of Xavier's original dream team have been through the gauntlet. But something...SINISTER...this way comes-and what this gene reveals about the son of Cyclops will change the future of mutanity forever. 32 PGS./Rated A ...$3.99 Cover price $3.99.

  • Issue #5
    X-Factor Forever (2010) 5
    Published Sep 2010 by Marvel.

    Written by LOUISE SIMONSON Penciled by DAN PANOSIAN, ERIC NGUYEN & ALUIR ALMANCIO Cover by DAN PANOSIAN APOCOLYPSE WAS RIGHT. In the wake of last issue's devastating climax, X-Factor has discovered that the ancient mutant's portents of doom were more than idle threats. With the Celestials' hour of judgment upon them, it's up to Xavier's original mutants to make the greatest sacrifice of all. It's a FOREVER farewell from X-Legend Louise Simonson! 32 PGS./Rated A ...$3.99 Cover price $3.99.