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Fandex DC Comics Heroes and Villains (2010 Workman) Deluxe Edition comic books

  • Issue #ITEM#1
    Fandex DC Comics Heroes and Villains (2010 Workman) Deluxe Edition ITEM#1
    • Discounted from $12.95.
    • Discounted from $12.95.

    Fandex - Knowledge at Your Fingertips - Celebrate 75 years of DC Comics with a supersized deck of 75 iconic heroes and villains! The gang's all here: Batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Green Lantern, Captain Marvel, the Justice League, the Flash. So are their nemeses. Meticulously researched, with information covering origins, biography, back-stories, affiliations, motivations, weaknesses, and fascinating trivia, the deck adds up to an insider's history of the DC Universe. Fandex and its die-cut cards perfectly capture the characters in one dynamic pose after another, with the art taken straight from the pages of the original comics. Written by Randall Lotowycz. Artwork by Arthur Adams, Neal Adams, Christian Alamy, Kalman Andrasofszky, Jim Aparo, Mark Bagley, Eddy Barrows, Chris Batista, Eric Battle, Ed Benes, Joe Benitez, Ryan Benjamin, Joe Bennett, Brian Bolland, Jim Calafiore, Bernard Chang, Sean Chen, Cliff Chiang, Ian Churchill, Matthew Clark, Andy Clarke, Amanda Conner, Tony Daniel, Shane Davis, Thomas Derenick, Terry Dodson, Dale Eaglesham, Gary Frank, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Dave Gibbons, Keith Giffen, Dick Giordano, Patrick Gleason, Yvel Guichet, Cully Hamner, Phil Hester, Jamal Igle, Phil Jimenez, Dan Jurgens, Bob Kane, Jack Kirby, Scott Koblish, Scott Kolins, Adam Kubert, Ken Lashley, Jim Lee, Ron Lim, Aaron Lopresti, Kevin Maguire, Doug Mahnke, Tom Mandrake, David Mazzucchelli, Scott McDaniel, Mike McKone, Pop Mhan, Mike Miller, Dustin Nguyen, Mike Norton, Phil Noto, Jerry Ordway, George Perez, Howard Porter, Eric Powell, Frank Quitely, Ron Randall, Bill Reinhold, Ivan Reis, Cliff Richards, Darick Robertson, Duncan Rouleau, Stephane Roux, Stephen Sadowski, Joe Shuster, Dwayne Turner, Ethan Van Sciver, Freddie Williams II and Various. Includes: 75 Individually die-cut cards; full color. All Ages Cover price $12.95.