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Marvel 1602 (2010 Marvels Greatest Comics) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Marvel 1602 (2010 Marvels Greatest Comics) 1

    Reprints Marvel 1602 (2003) #1. Written by Neil Gaiman. Art by Andy Kubert. Colors by Richard Isanove. Cover by Scott McKowen. "I get it all the time now. I just arrived in Portugal, in Lisbon, to promote CORALINE, and the first question I was asked, in the car from the airport to the hotel was 'So, can you tell me anything about 1602?' And I said, 'It's drawn by Andy Kubert, colored by Richard Isanove, lettered by Todd Klein, covers by Scott McKowen and I saw a photocopy of the first issue and it looks pretty good.' 'Yes, but the story... What's it about?' 'Oh, you know,' I said. 'Stuff.' 'Well, is it the Marvel characters? Or characters you invented yourself?' 'Yes,' I said. 'That's pretty much it.' 'But how long is it?' 'I think it'll be eight issues. It was meant to be six, but I'm writing episode 5 right now, and there's a lot of story to tell.' 'So why is it such a secret...?' It got to be a secret because the idea of 1602 was fairly straightforward, and really fun, and I hated the idea of people being familiar with it, even bored of it, by the time it came out. So I asked Joe Quesada if he'd mind if we didn't make a big announcement at the start. But the more people asked me, buttonholed me, pleaded with me, the more I liked the fact that only a tiny handful of people at Marvel and I had even seen Andy's amazing pencils or Richard's colors. This was starting to be a genuinely fun secret -- like not telling someone what their birthday present is until it's time to unwrap it. What am I going to tell you? It's really fun. It's set in the Marvel Universe. It looks gorgeous. You may even like it. There are sixteen hundred & two good reasons for telling you all about it, and I'm not saying a word. Think of it as your birthday present." - Neil Gaiman, May 2003. Cover price $1.00.