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Shrapnel Hubris (2010 Radical) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Shrapnel Hubris (2010 Radical) 1

    (W) Nick Sagan, Clinnette Minnis (A) Concept Art House (C) Stephan Martiniere Mark Long and Nick Sagan return to take a planetary revolution across the galaxy in the sequel to Shrapnel: Aristeia Rising. The last free colony in the Solar System has yet to fall, but how long can it withstand the siege? Under constant barrage from orbit and kept from replenishing much-needed supplies by a planetary blockade, the colonists of Venus find themselves in desperate circumstances. But unwilling to let their stand be in vain, the surprise hero of the war-notorious ex-marine Vijaya 'Sam' Narayan-must reverse their fortunes before time runs out on man's last, best hope of resisting tyranny! Soon to be a major motion picture, directed by Len Wiseman (Underworld, Live Free or Die Hard). Cover price $4.99.

  • Issue #2
    Shrapnel Hubris (2010 Radical) 2

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    (W) Nick Sagan, Clinnette Minnis (A) Concept Art House (C) Stephan Martiniere Created by Mark Long and Nick Sagan Consumed with advancing their War of Unity on multiple fronts, the Solar Alliance may be vulnerable to an audacious, high-risk assault on one of their most valued possessions. So rests the hopes of oppressed Helots across the System as a plot against the oldest extraplanetary colony moves forward. Once loyal marines now turned freedom fighters, Captain Narayan, Colonel Rossi and their troops have a golden chance to slow down the enemy war machine...but at what cost? Cover price $4.99.

  • Issue #3
    Shrapnel Hubris (2010 Radical) 3

    Created by Mark Long & Nick Sagan. Written by Nick Sagan & Clinnette Minnis. Art by Concept Art House. Cover by Stephan Martiniere. Savior to some, terrorist to others, controversial ex-marine "Sam" Narayan returns to the war-ravaged red planet of her birth to raise an army against those who would tyrannize her people. Flung into alliances and rivalries with religious sects and violent revolutionaries, the prospective liberator of the Solar System must walk a dangerous path. Yet at the onset of Sam's campaign, she begins to slip into the darkness of her own soul, putting her army and cause at risk of annihilation by the most formidable foe of all -- herself. Cover price $4.99.