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Midnight Cafe HC (1997 Anita Blake Novel Omnibus) comic books

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Midnight Cafe HC (1997 Anita Blake Novel Omnibus) 1-1ST

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    Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Omnibus: Book 2 - 1st printing. By Laurell K. Hamilton. Collects The Lunatic Cafe; Bloody Bones; and The Killing Dance.

    The Lunatic Cafe: Anita Blake no longer bears the marks of Jean-Claude or any other master vampire and is exploring a relationship with Richard, the middle-school teacher. Of course there are problems: Richard is a werewolf whose pack leader is threatening to kill him, Jean-Claude will not take "no" for an answer and has a female vampire who wants to kill Anita, and Dolph wants help identifying the something that is killing lycanthropes!

    Bloody Bones: In order to settle a land dispute, The necromancer, Anita Blake, is called upon to raise corpses that have been in the ground for over 300 years. However, as soon as she arrives on the scene a sword-wielding maniac embarks on a killing spree and if Anita is going to stop the madness she'll need the help of her vampire suitor, Jean-Claude.

    The Killing Dance: Someone, or something, has put a $5000,000 price on Anita Blake's head. Can the raven haired necromancer solve the mystery before someone, or something, comes to collect? Plus, the rivalry between werewolves Richard and Marcus comes to a bloody head. And don't forget the ever present master vampire Jean-Claude as he continues to haunt Anita's mind, and heart. Hardcover, 6-in. x 9-in., 826 pages, Text Only. Mature Readers