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X-Men vs. Avengers/Fantastic Four TPB (2011 Marvel) comic books

  • Issue #1-1ST
    X-Men vs. Avengers/Fantastic Four TPB (2011 Marvel) 1-1ST
    • Discounted from $9.95.
    • Discounted from $9.95.

    1st printing. 1st printing. Collects Fantastic Four vs. X-Men (1987) #1-4, Fantastic Four (1961-1996 1st Series) #28, X-Men vs. the Avengers (1987) #1-4 and Uncanny X-Men (1963-2011) 1st Series #9. Written by CHRIS CLAREMONT, ROGER STERN and STAN LEE. Art by MARC SILVESTRI, KEITH POLLARD, JON BOGDANOVE and JACK KIRBY. Cover by KEITH POLLARD. Two titanic tussles for the price of one! First: When Magneto's on trial, he needs all the help he can get - and he finds it in the remnants of his former fortress, Asteroid M! The X-Men aren't sure what his scheme is, but they're positive they don't want the Avengers and the Soviet Super-Soldiers to find out before they do! It's multi-team warfare with the eyes of the world on all three! Then: On the verge of disintegration, Kitty Pryde seems resigned to her doom - but the X-Men will do anything to save her, even bargain with a worse doom...Doctor Doom! What stunning secret prevents Mr. Fantastic and the Fantastic Four from saving the day instead? Is he terrified of failing because his greatest failure - the fateful rocket flight - might have really been his greatest success? Do the answers all come down to wunderkind Franklin Richards? Also featuring the X-Men's fabulous first face-offs with the Avengers and Fantastic Four in Marvel's early era! Softcovet, 272 pages, full color. Cover price $24.99.