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X-Men True Friends (1999) comic books

  • Issue #1
    X-Men True Friends (1999) 1

    cover by rick leonardi & jimmy palmiotti chris claremont/rick leonardi/jimmy palmiotti ? THE SCOOP: It¹s a tale of time-travel, danger and fantasy as Shadowcat must decide between saving the life of one friend or the lives of millions! ? THE STORY: In an adventure set back in their days in Excalibur, Kitty Pryde and Rachel Summers (a.k.a. Phoenix) are caught in a temporal vortex and flung back to 1936 Scotland, where they stumble upon a Nazi plot to destroy the British monarchy! Oh, and did we mention that they run into the mutant who will one day become the sinister Shadow King?! Ultimately, Kitty must confront the most terrible of moral choices: should she take action to prevent the Holocaust even though she knows that by doing so she may well destroy the future she came from?! ? THE CREATORS: Chris Claremont returns to the characters he helped make famous, now joined by penciler Rick Leonardi and DAREDEVIL¹s inker, Jimmy Palmiotti. ? THE FORMAT: Three-issue limited series. All issues will be 32 pages with no ads. FC$2.99 " Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #2
    X-Men True Friends (1999) 2

    Chris Claremont/Rick Leonardi/Jimmy Palmiotti Cast back to the eve of WWII, Kitty Pryde and Rachel Summers find themselves caught up in a Nazi plot to overthrow the British monarchy! Knowing that the Holocaust is mere years away, will Shadowcat prevent the nightmare by killing Adolf Hitler himself?even if it means doing so may well destroy her future? Plus: Witness the first meeting between Shadowcat and Wolverine! Does this story provide the reason why Logan has always looked out for her? Just think of this issue as KITTY PRYDE & WOLVERINE... the untold origin! FC (2 of 3)" Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #3
    X-Men True Friends (1999) 3

    cover by RICK LEONARDI & jimmy palmiotti CHRIS CLAREMONT/RICK LEONARDI/jimmy palmiotti Wolverine guest-stars in the conclusion to a story that's crucial not only to the history of the X-Men, but to its current line-up as well! The year: 1936. The setting: Edinburgh, Scotland. The set-up: Phoenix (Rachel Summers) is in the clutches of one of the X-Men's most deadly foes, the Shadow King! Standing against him: Shadowcat! Kitty's unexpected ally: Wolverine! But even more shocking than meeting Logan a half-century before they actually first meet is the fact that she could prevent the Holocaust... but to do so may mean the destruction of her future world?which is our present! " Cover price $2.99.