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JLA Foreign Bodies (1999) comic books

  • Issue #1
    JLA Foreign Bodies (1999) 1

    Written by Len Kaminski; art and cover by Val Semeiks and Prentis Rollins The members of the JLA face the ultimate obstacle ? themselves ? in a Prestige one-shot that finds their minds switching bodies...and an enemy secretly taking control of one of the heroes! When the JLA encounters a new super-villainess known as Psikosis, the brain-switching aftermath forces them to master powers they've never used before, from perspectives they've never experienced. And they must accomplish that incredible task while saving the world from an onslaught of terrorist activities masterminded by Kobra! But which of Leaguers are not what (or whom) they appear to be? For more information, see the feature article. Prestige Format. Note: A signed version is offered in the Dynamic Forces section of Previews FC, 64 pg.$5.95 " Cover price $5.95.