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Superman (2011 3rd Series) Annual comic books

  • Issue #1
    Superman (2011 3rd Series) Annual 1

    (W) Scott Lobdell, Fabian Nicieza. (A) Pascal Alixe, Marco Rudy, Tom Raney, Elizabeth Torque, Mico Suayan. (CA) Kenneth Rocafort. Abducted by a group of mysterious aliens, Superman is dragged to a remote alien galaxy to take part in THE GAMES, a world hopping game of cat-and-mouse where players are hunted for sport. Can even the help of a mysterious new GREEN LANTERN overcome the might of an alien empire? Cover price $4.99.

  • Issue #2
    Superman (2011 3rd Series) Annual 2

    (W) Scott Lobdell. (A) Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund. (CA) Andy Kubert. What repercussions lurk beneath the surface from Brainiac's first attack-and how does it all set the stage for the battle of Metropolis? Plus, how can the Man of Steel fight something he can't physically stop! Cover price $4.99.

  • Issue #3
    Superman (2011 3rd Series) Annual 3

    Blind Justice/Savage Dawn: Part 4 - Savage Dawn: Prelude - Written by Gene Luen Yang, Greg Pak, Peter J. Tomasi and Aaron Huder. Art by Dan Jurgens, Bill Sienkiewicz Rafa Sandoval and Ben Oliver. Cover by Ardian Syaf and Vicente Cifuentes. Story continued from Action Comics #47. 'Man of Tomorrow. Man of Yesterday.' Superman and Vandal Savage have been on a collision course for centuries. As Kal-El struggles to survive against this barbarian's attacking hordes, we reveal the events that led to Vandal Savage's creation-and his unexpected connection to Krypton. Immortals gather to put an end to the Last Son of Krypton so Earth may live! Story continues in Action Comics #48. 48 pages, full color. Rated T Cover price $4.99.