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Flashback 27: Silver Streak Comics 6 (1940/1974) comic books

  • Issue #27
    Flashback 27: Silver Streak Comics 6 (1940/1974) 27
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    The twenty-seventh issue of the Flashback reprint series presents Silver Streak Comics #7 originally published in 1940 by Your Guide Publications. Cover art by Jack Cole. "Race Around the World," script and art by Jack Cole (as Ralph Johns); Sir Cedric Challenges the Streak to a race, and he agrees: to make it a 'round the world affair; On the way, he fights the Nazis, rescues a girl from an evil Sheik, prevents that Sheik from successfully harming a caravan of American travelers on their way to Maskat, and wins the race! "The Flying Dragon," art by Maurice Gutwirth; Sky Wolf comes across a weird plane used by a gang of vicious criminals who defy the law by using scientific methods to rob and plunder. "Nick Carro's Protection Racket," art by Hal Sharp; Ranger Wayne has to prevent a protection racket from moving into the west to take advantage of the cattle ranchers. "The Claw Lives Again," script and art by Jack Cole; The Green Claw literally rises from the dead and it's up to Carl Durrant to investigate. Untitled story, script by Don Rico (as Captain Cook), art by Jack Binder; After stopping Joe Ripper's escape, after he had murdered a bank guard and stolen the bank's money, Daredevil finds a clue on his body and begins to hunt down the Ricco Gang that Ripper was a part of. "The Ivory Raiders"; After having destroyed the monster in the city, Lance heads into the jungle to do battle with ivory raiders when he sees a young boy being threatened by a lion. "The Spook Strikes Back," art by Harry Anderson; Ace Powers vs. Panther Man, The Spook and Skeleton Men. "The Starfish Men of the Water Planet"; While on patrol one day near a weird planet, Nirma starts feeling faint and Captain Keen wonders if the planet is responsible. "The Sky Bug" starring Dickie Dean the Boy Inventor, script and art by Jack Cole. 68-pages, full color cardstock covers, 7-3/4-in. x 10-3/8-in. Cover price $3.00.