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Domination Factor Fantastic Four (1999) comic books

  • Issue #1.1
    Domination Factor Fantastic Four (1999) 1.1

    cover by dan jurgens & jerry ordway dan jurgens/dan jurgens/bob mcleod ? THE SCOOP: It begins here! The Fantastic Four and the Avengers unite in two interlocking limited series that make up one huge adventure! ? THE STORY: The world has grinded to a standstill! But why? The FF and the Earth's Mightiest Heroes realize that only they can save the present?by journeying into the past! So what part does the Praxis Corporation play in our planet's plight? Who is the company's mysterious owner? And what connection does she have to one of the greatest threats to the Marvel Universe? Editor Tom Brevoort filled us in: "There's a new foe who's backed up by a classic mainstay Marvel villain making a return. The central thrust of this big, sweeping epic will have the Avengers and the FF on a quest through time to recover several component pieces of a lost artifact, and consequently we'll be hitting various interesting points in Marvel history. While the two books are telling separate halves of the same story... people who choose to read both will have greater access to the clues to the various mysteries that'll be germane to the story as it unfolds." ? THE CREATORS: Written and penciled by Dan Jurgens and inked by Bob McLeod! The cover to #1.1 is penciled by Jurgens and inked by Jerry Ordway. ? THE FORMAT: FANTASTIC FOUR: DOMINATION FACTOR #1.1 is the first issue of a monthly, four-part limited series that inter-connects with AVENGERS: DOMINATION FACTOR #1.2. The numbering will run #2.3, #2.4, #3.5, #3.6, #4.7 and conclude in #4.8." Domination Factor Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #2.3
    Domination Factor Fantastic Four (1999) 2.3

    cover by dan jurgens dan jurgens/dan jurgens/bob mcleod The Inhumans, Namor, Dr. Strange and Adam Warlock guest-star as the Fantastic Four tumble through time! Scattered throughout the eons, the only way for the FF to restart time is by gathering together the pieces of the scattered artifact! Cast into the bodies of their past selves, the Thing, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman and the Human Torch must first deal with the Frightful Four, the fighting-mad Inhumans, the birth of Adam Warlock and the power of the Sub-Mariner! And waiting in the wings is an even greater menace! " Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #3.5
    Domination Factor Fantastic Four (1999) 3.5

    Dan Jurgens/Dan Jurgens/Bob McLeod Continuing the all-new Fantastic Four/Avengers adventure! Trapped in four different time periods?and with the future of all humanity at stake?will the fabulous Fantastic Four be forced to commit murder?! The enchanted fragments that they seek are there for the taking, but will comics' first family take a life to possess them? Guest-starring Dr. Strange and the Inhumans! Cover by Dan Jurgens/Bob McLeod. FC (3.5 of 4)$2.50 "Domination FactorDomination Factor Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #4.7
    Domination Factor Fantastic Four (1999) 4.7

    Dan Jurgens/Dan Jurgens/Bob McLeod Concluding the Avengers/Fantastic Four crossover event! Trapped as bodiless spectres in a now-remade present, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four must locate and possess their alternate selves before they can even begin to face the power of our mystery villain! Cover by Dan Jurgens and Bob Mcleod FC (4.7 of 4)"Domination Factor Cover price $2.50.