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X-Men The Hellfire Club (2000) comic books

  • Issue #1
    X-Men The Hellfire Club (2000) 1

    ? THE SCOOP: Exposing the twisted history of the Hellfire Club! ? THE STORY: They've existed for centuries, a cabal of power brokers bent on world domination. The beginnings of this evil entourage have been shrouded in secrecy?until now! Delve into the pasts of The Shaws, The Worthingtons, The Braddocks, The Harknesses and The Greys! Learn of the heartbreaks, the betrayals and the blood covenant that spurred the formation of The Inner Circle! Featuring guest appearances by the 17th century Sorcerer Supreme, Captain America of 1776, WWI's Union Jack and The X-Men! ? THE CREATORS: Brought to you by Ben Raab (UNION JACK) and Charlie Adlard (HEROES REBORN: MASTERS OF EVIL). The cover is supplied by the amazing Adam Kubert (UNCANNY X-MEN). ? THE FORMAT: Four-issue limited series. 32 pages per issue. ? MARVEL MEMO: Dynamic Forces is offering an autographed version of X-MEN: HELLFIRE CLUB #1. Please see the DF section for full details. FC (1 of 4)" Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #2
    X-Men The Hellfire Club (2000) 2

    Ben Raab/Charlie Adlard Continuing the secret story of the Hellfire Club! The year is 1780, and the Revolutionary War is raging. In Philadelphia, center for radical activity, fanctions are on the move, seeking influence and grasping for power. Beneath it all is a burgeoning social club for the elite known as the Hellfire Club... and within that group is the shadowy Inner Circle (which includes includes in their ranks one Lady Grey). The cabal has determined that the struggle for independence must fail. Their target? Major General Wallace Worthington, fore-father of the high-flying Angel. Their weapon? Elizabeth Shaw, ancestor of the evil Sebastian Shaw. Worgthington's only allies? The mysterious Ulysses Bloodstone and a Revolutionary War-era patriot named Steve Rogers! Cover by Adam Kubert. FC (2 of 4)" Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #3
    X-Men The Hellfire Club (2000) 3

    Ben Raab/Charlie Adlard The origin of the Inner Circle continues! While young men from across Europe die in the trenches of WWI, others move among the shadows, grasping at power. Admidst the chaos, the madman known as Sinister and the original Union Jack make their moves to control the fate of the Shaw brothers. The choices they make will not only influence the outcome of the war? but of mankind itself! Cover by Adam Kubert. FC (3 of 4)" Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #4
    X-Men The Hellfire Club (2000) 4

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    cover by charlie adlard ben raab/charlie adlard Concluding the origin of the X-Men's deadliest enemies! What terrible choices must a young Sebastian Shaw make to become the Black King of the Hellfire's Club Inner Circle. For the first time, witness the recruitment of the powrful Harry Leland, the cyborg Donald Pierce and the ruthless Emma Frost! How did they come together, and what unholy bargain keeps them together?! FC (4 of 4)" Cover price $2.50.