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Steampunk Catechism (2000) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Steampunk Catechism (2000) 1

    WRITTEN BY JOE KELLY AND CHRIS BACHALO; ART AND COVER BY CHRIS BACHALO CLIFFHANGER PRODUCTIONS. In stores November 17. Next year, STEAMPUNK, the newest ongoing series from CLIFFHANGER PRODUCTIONS will bring an exciting vision of an impossible future to life from co-creators Joe Kelly (Deadpool, ACTION COMICS) and Chris Bachalo (DEATH: THE HIGH COST OF LIVING, THE WITCHING HOUR, Generation X). But Bachalo and Kelly are too excited about STEAMPUNK to wait until next year, so readers get an early look at the industrial gothic adventure with STEAMPUNK: CATACHISM, a special preview issue that offers a 18-page prologue to this highly anticipated series as well as behind-the-scenes notes, sketches and character designs. Meet Cole Blaquesmith, a man out of time. Revived from a century-long sleep, he finds himself in a world he never made, with a body rebuilt for an improbable future ? with a pneumatic arm and a coal-powered heart. Cole knows that the steam-driven, bizarrely high-tech world in which he now lives is not how the future's supposed to be. But can he restore the natural order against the will of the fearsome Dr. Mortimer Absinthe, dark architect of this cold world? FC, 32 PG.$2.50 " Cover price $2.50.