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Atomics (2000) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Atomics (2000) 1
    Published Jan 2000 by AAA Pop.

    by Mike Allred; colors by Laura Allred; Meet The Atomics! A time traveling 17-year-old with an acne problem has arrived in Snap City... and some thing has followed him! The underground refuse known as the Mutant Street Beatniks become involved in a big way as their mutations develop into full-on super powers. With the help of their former nemesis, Frank Einstein (a.k.a. Madman), they learn the ways of the super-hero! This is the first issue of a continuing monthly, full-color series from Mike Allred, with colors by the award- winning Laura Allred. The Atomics is all about big-time action and adventure with an emphasis on character-driven stories. You're going to love these guys, and they're gonna love you right back! MATURE READERS FC, 32pg" Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #2
    Atomics (2000) 2
    Published Feb 2000 by AAA Pop.

    by Mike Allred; What world, what dimension has the strange youth called "Zapman" come from? And what is the thing that has followed him to our world? Will The Atomics be able to work together? Can they throw away their Mutant Street Beatnik past? Will Luna Romy and Adam Balm make "The Change" and return to the fold? And who are Luna Romy and Adam Balm anyway?! The Atomics face their first challenge as a team as they ask themselves these questions. What will happen next? Find out in the second issue of this full-color monthly series where character-driven action and adventure provide cover-to- cover thrills! Colors by Laura Allred. MATURE READERS FC, 24 pg" Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #3
    Atomics (2000) 3
    Published Mar 2000 by AAA Pop.
    • Signed by creators Mike and Laura Allred (splash) with Lone Star Comics certificate of authenticity.

    by Mike Allred; colors by Laura Allred. Revelations abound as this issue reveals the strange connection between Boone Gehr (a.k.a. Zapman) and the Mutant Street Beatniks. Also, Luna Romy makes her exciting debut as It Girl! She also tells the funniest joke you'll read in a comic book this month. And not to be missed, the terrifying debut of Snap City's most vile personage, The Cadaver! As always, jam-packed with comic book goodness! MATURE READERS FC, 24pg Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #4
    Atomics (2000) 4
    Published Apr 2000 by AAA Pop.

    See Boone Gehr and Shreck, the refugees from the Innerverse, in their final confrontation! Will Zapman have to leave Snap City or make it his home? Also, It Girl and Metal Man face off with the terrifying cadaver and Frank Einstein (Madman) brings his "costumed adventurer" expertise to the party! Everything comes together in this thrilling issue which will set the stage for future epics including next month's Metal Man saga! Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #5
    Atomics (2000) 5
    Published May 2000 by AAA Pop.

    It's the Atomic Age of comics! Don't miss this excitingly unique issue that begins in one state of consciousness and ends in another. You'll meet the mysterious being known as The Light as construction begins on the new secret underground headquarters of The Atomics. Also, are the sparks flying for Boone and Luna, leaving Adam out of the loop? You'll thrill to the latest issue crafted from the finest comic book material and tools, including drawings pencilled with antique clicker pens from the late 20th century and inked with the blackest ink squeezed from specially-bred squids that is stirred with the feet of 100 Indian beauties! MATURE READERS Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #6
    Atomics (2000) 6
    Published Jun 2000 by AAA Pop.

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    By Mike Allred. "The Physical!" You're not gonna want to miss this one! You'll find out what makes The Atomics tick as the series continues to build steam when Frank Einstein (Madman) brings his bizarre scientist friend, Dr. Gillespie Flem, to the party. Flem gives all the beatniks physical examinations, providing a rundown on each of the members of team. You'll find out the origin of Boone "Zapman" Gehr when he reveals what his life was like in The Innerverse. And if that wasn't enough, you'll want to make sure you pick up this issue for the free membership card to join Allred's Atomic Art Pop Comics Subversive Soldiers ? the snazziest club this side of Bedrock's Water Buffaloes! And adding icing to the cake is a super-cool unpublished pin-up by the prince of pulchritude, Paul Pope! FC, 24pg Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #7
    Atomics (2000) 7
    Published Jul 2000 by AAA Pop.

    By Mike Allred. One of the Atomics will die! But who is it that bites the big one and just how long will they stay dead exactly? The gang of former street beatniks become increasingly famous as heroes in Snap City when they stumble across a bizarre bank robbery and end up saving the day. Unfortunately, the cost is high, and tragedy strikes. Who will take the fallen hero's place? You'll also find out all the buzz in this very issue as well as witnessing the startling debut of Snap City's smelliest new character: the insidious Skunk! It's comic book history in the making so don't miss The Atomics #7! Included with this issue is a special cut-and-assemble paper activity. FC, 24pg Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #8
    Atomics (2000) 8
    Published Aug 2000 by AAA Pop.
    • Signed by Mike and Laura Allred (inside front cover, personalized 'For Walt!') with Lone Star Comics certificate of authenticity.

    By Mike Allred. This issue is out of control in the best way possible when The Atomics meet The Laser! The Laser is a super-hero adventurer from the Innerverse on his greatest quest ? he's come to Earth to find the love of his life. If readers can guess who the love of his life is, they might guess who The Laser really is! It's a page-turning, brain-twisting head-spinner with action galore! Also included is a paper-action activity! You can fly The Laser when you put together your very own glider of this thrilling new character! FC, 24pg Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #9
    Atomics (2000) 9
    Published Sep 2000 by AAA Pop.

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    By Mike Allred. Say it isn't so! The vivacious It Girl is taken hostage and spirited off into the Innerverse! Of course this means The Atomics must set out after her for a dramatic rescue. But nothing's that simple as the group is split up and forced to struggle with separate predicaments that will shock, amuse, and entertain. Who has committed this heinous act? Will Luna be found and set free from her captors? Does Luna even need help? The Atomic It Girl faces her greatest challenge, and you can be sure she'll turn a few heads in the process. This is the first of four issues culminating in the most epic of epic adventures that could all take place on the tip of your finger! This thrill-packed issue also includes another endlessly entertaining cut-and-assemble paper activity that continues the AAA Pop Comics tradition of encouraging fans to butcher their comic books. Viva scissors! The Atomics juggernaut continues! FC, 24pg Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #10
    Atomics (2000) 10
    Published Oct 2000 by AAA Pop.

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    By Mike Allred. It's It Girl heaven! The heat builds as another on-time monthly issue of The Atomics comes your way! This is the perfect comics magazine to rekindle or enhance your love for comic books, so jump on as this new adventure explodes off the pages! Luna (a.k.a. "It Girl") has been abducted! Has she been taken to the Innerverse by Boone's best friend from childhood (who seems set on becoming his archenemy)? She's a stranger in a strange land. Will she have to fend for herself? Not if her friends can help it! Problem is, they've been split up. Metal Man, The Slug, and Zapman are hot on the rescue trail, while Madman, The Black Crystal, Mr. Gum, and Shrek are shrunk to doll-size, and in need of help themselves. This issue also includes another excuse for you to slice up a comic book with a new thrilling cut-and-assemble paper activity. Colors by Laura Allred. FC, 24pg Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #11
    Atomics (2000) 11
    Published Nov 2000 by AAA Pop.

    Story, art and cover by Mike Allred. It Girls Innerverse adventure continues, as she seeks a way to restore herself to her original, non-microscopic dimensions. Meanwhile, Madman and the Atomics are in a whole different kind of trouble when Cadaver shows up. 24 pages, Full Color. Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #12
    Atomics (2000) 12
    Published Dec 2000 by AAA Pop.

    Story, art and cover by Mike Allred. The conclusion of It Girls Innerverse adventure, as she, Madman and the rest of the team find themselves living up to the name The Atomics. Also includes a gatefold Atomics pin-up by Kevin Nowlan. 24 pages, Full Color. Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #13
    Atomics (2000) 13
    Published Jan 2001 by AAA Pop.

    By Mike Allred. A whole new adventure begins as The Atomics are propelled into the savage world of the Savage Dragon! This is a great place to jump on as the group begins anew with official member, Frank Einstein (Madman) inducted into the team. Can you count how many writer/artists are regularly publishing a monthly color comic? Well, you'd certainly have to be counting Erik Larsen who has been leading the way for almost a decade with one of the most enthusiastically produced comics in the world ? The Savage Dragon! And guess what gang?! The big fin-headed green guy is shaking things up in this very issue as The Atomics literally stumble across the Dragon when they find themselves stranded in his topsy-turvy world. This issue guarantees cover-to-cover thrills along with all the surprises and goodies you've come to expect from AAA Pop Comics! FC, 24pg Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #14
    Atomics (2000) 14
    Published Apr 2001 by AAA Pop.

    By Mike Allred; colors by Laura Allred. It's Part Two of the four-part slam-bang-jamma-wamma Savage Dragon epic! Madman and the Dragon have hooked up with The Atomics and have set upon a quest. Mystery and monsters abound on this incredibly exciting trek! What has happened to the Black Crystal? Who are the Suckers? Can the Savage Dragon clear the way for the heroes to their goal? FC, 24pg Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #15
    Atomics (2000) 15
    Published Nov 2001 by AAA Pop.

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    By Mike Allred; colors by Laura Allred. The great experiment continues! What happens when two of the craziest, most enthusiastic, independent creators swap and team up each other's creations for a free reign free-for-all? Mike Allred has injected Erik Larson's Savage Dragon into the figurative veins of his beatnik superteam, The Atomics. This is part three of a four part dance mix with the volume cranked to 11 as the Dragon continues on his adventurous journey with Frank "Madman" Einstein, Luna "It Girl" Romy, Adam "Metal Man" Balm, Dorrie "The Slug" Lopez, and Mr. Gum. They battle monsters and mysterious, magical elements in their search for the heinous Ice Wizard who has either murdered Phillip "The Black Crystal" LePew, or placed him in some bizarre state of suspended animation. FC, 24pg Cover price $3.50.