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Phantasia Zoologica SC (2011 4Winds) Pathfinder RPG Compatible comic books

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Phantasia Zoologica SC (2011 4Winds) Pathfinder RPG Compatible 1-1ST

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    Volume 1 - 1st printing. "Cats, Dogs, and Horses!" CATS, DOGS, AND HORSES, OH MY! When faced with the wide assortment of magical and wondrous creatures fantasy settings present, its easy to forget about the animals so similar to the ones we know in real life. The mundane critters we know so well seemingly have no role to play in a game full of the beatss of dreams and nightmares. But how far can your adventuring party get without horses? PHANTASIA XOOLOGICA tales a fresh look at real world animals species for inclusion in your fantasy game. This first volume explores cats, dogs, and horses - mundane and fantastic alike. Among the dozens of entries, you'll find everything from Golden Retrievers abd Clydesdales, to orcish wolf-dogs and scimitar cats, to magical maeki beko and horrific zombie steeds. If having such amazing creatures wasn't enough, you can outfit them from the gear and equipment also included in this book. Softcover, 8 1/2-in. x 11-in., 68 pages, B&W. Cover price $15.95.