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Star Trek All of Me (2000) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Star Trek All of Me (2000) 1
    Published 2000 by DC.

    When one of Spock's former Starfleet Academy classmates develops a scientific experiment that can bridge alternate realities, it's up to the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise to save more than just one universe. The mission unfolds in STAR TREK: ALL OF ME, a Prestige Format one-shot from WILDSTORM PRODUCTIONS. Written by Comics Buyer's Guide columnists/novelists Tony Isabella (BLACK LIGHTNING) and Bob Ingersoll (Captain America: Liberty's Torch) and dynamically illustrated by artists Aaron Lopresti (NATIONAL COMICS) and Randy Emberlin (BATMAN: SHADOW OF THE BAT), STAR TREK: ALL OF ME is a boldly original tale that remains true to the spirit of the classic Star Trek television series. Dispatched to a distant world, the Enterprise moves into position to guard the universe-spanning invention of Armand St. John, an egomaniacal acquaintance of Spock's from his Academy days. St. John long has believed that only Spock even approaches his own brilliance and is eager to demonstrate his masterpiece to the First Officer. But Spock soon realizes that the potential of the invention ? designed to seek individuals from alternate universes and draw them to our own ? is far outstripped by its risks. But can anyone wrest control of this fearsome power away from its unstable creator? This project is supported with house ads. STAR TREKĀ®: ALL OF ME is a 48-page WildStorm Productions one-shot in the Prestige Format. Edited by Jeff Mariotte, it arrives in comic-book stores February 23 with a cover price of $5.95 U.S. " Cover price $5.95.