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Sins of Youth JLA Jr. (2000) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Sins of Youth JLA Jr. (2000) 1

    WRITTEN BY D.C. JOHNSON; ART BY CARLO BARBERI, WAYNE FAUCHER AND VARIOUS; COVER BY MIKE WIERINGO AND TERRY AUSTIN Sins of Youth part 5 of 12. In stores March 22. The ramifications of our heroes' transformations continue to build as a now-young JLA finds itself confused with Young Justice and wanted for YJ's crimes! What's worse, their youth isn't limited to their appearances ? the team's maturity level has also decreased! Can Kid Captain Marvel, the World's Mightiest Mortal, help the World's Rowdiest Teenagers with a magical trip to the Rock of Eternity, or is the JLA Jr. doomed to live a painful adolescence? Meanwhile, Klarion completes his own mission: finding Amazo, the android with all the powers of the JLA! For more information, see the feature article. FC, 32 PG. Cover price $2.50.