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Aqua Knight Part 1 (2000) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Aqua Knight Part 1 (2000) 1

    From the creator of Battle Angel Alita comes a new science fiction cosmos of humor, wonder and adventure: the world of Marmundo, where kings rule islands scattered across the great ocean, and knights ride killer whales through the seas. Using an art style similar to Battle Angel Alita, but enhanced with computer generated screentone, Yukito Kishiro gives Aquaknight the same strong characters, original settings, and attention to detail as his earlier series. In this issue: On the remote Island of Faro, not far from the Edge of the World, a stormy night brings a visitor to the lighthouse keeper and his young assistant. When they find a suit of armor washed up near the shore, they open it to reveal a beautiful woman who tells them that she is a knight from a faraway land! After meeting her, the kid decides that he's going to be a knight, too... and travel out into the unknown with just his knife and fishing spear to protect him! Includes a free color poster map of Marmundo! Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #2
    Aqua Knight Part 1 (2000) 2

    by Yukito Kishiro Determined to find a Dragon's Egg so that he can become a knight (a promise our heroine is already regretting), the lighthouse keeper's young assistant rides his Orca to the edge of the map: the Catarata Termino, where the oceans end in a tremendous waterfall which falls into the stars! b&w, 48pg (2 of 6) Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #3
    Aqua Knight Part 1 (2000) 3
  • Issue #4
    Aqua Knight Part 1 (2000) 4

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  • Issue #5
    Aqua Knight Part 1 (2000) 5

    by Yukito Kishiro Alcontra steals the magnetic stone that powers the lighthouse, destroying the structure and bringing about Arrabarus' downfall. Arriving at the battlefield too late to do anything, Ruliya can do nothing but attend to Arrabarus' dying words, and watch as he literally, physically begins his journey into the great beyond! b&w, 40pg (5 of 6) Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #6
    Aqua Knight Part 1 (2000) 6

    by Yukito Kishiro Astride a skeletal seahorse, the Knight of Death, commander of drowned corpses, rises from the sea to take Arrabarus to his grave. Shivering with fear, Ruliya manages to make the only proper reaction... to challenge Death itself to a battle before it takes her friend's soul. b&w, 32pg (6 of 6) Cover price $2.95.