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Super-Sized Alf Spring Special (1989) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Super-Sized Alf Spring Special (1989) 1

    Comic book version of the TV sitcom and cartoon that aired on NBC from 1986 to 1990 featuring an Alien Life Form (ALF) living with a family. When ALF becomes invisible, he is able to wander around freely and become more involved in things in "The Invisible Melman." Then ALF tries to help Brian when the youngster falls in love in "Love is in the Hair." In "One Melmillion Years B.C." ALF tells Kate about his Melmac ancestor Gog Shumway. In "Truth is Stranger Than Friction" Kate wants to clean up the house and ALF tries to help with a batch of Melmaxwax. In "Past Performance" when Lynn's cat gets through a time portal to the past, ALF has to go rescue it. In "Lost at Sea-Biscuit" Willie wants to take up boating again and ALF is the only one who will venture out to the sea with him. Issue also has "ALF Helps You Build Your Own Paper Orbit Guard Vessel" guide. Scripts by Michael Gallagher and art by Dave Manak & Marie Severin & Jacqueline Roettcher. Cover price $1.75.