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Loco vs. Pulverine (1992) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Loco vs. Pulverine (1992) 1

    By STEVE DONNELLY and GARY YAP. The two meanest, toughest, most abusive characters in comics have nothing on Loco and Pulverine. Why, no guy in tights and stupid pointy ears could stand up to just one of their biceps, never mind their whole muscular cardiovascular system. But...which is the toughest of the toughs? Is it Loco, the mad hatter of the Dicey Comics Universe, a guy so mean he'd kill you just for sneezing quietly into a hanky in an isolation chamber on Mars? Is it Pulverine, known to brutally beat into a mushy pulp anyone over his own height of four feet three quarters inches? Cover price $2.50.