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Spaceknights (2000) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Spaceknights (2000) 1

    cover by chris batista jim starlin/chris batista/chip wallace ? THE SCOOP: From the depths of outer space, the Spaceknights return! ? THE STORY: Rom, Marvel's first Spaceknight, spent years banishing the evil Dire Wraiths from Earth. Finally successful, the gleaming guardian returned home to become the king of his homeworld, Galador. But now that Rom has disappeared, it's up to his two sons?Tristan, the Liberator, and Balin, also known as Terminator?to carry on his legacy! But which one will wield Rom's mighty Neutralizer? Broken into squadrons, the Spacknights are the peacekeeping protectors of their galaxy. But what they don't know, however, is that their greatest threat has returned in a form they never thought possible! Now it's time to meet the new cosmic warriors: Starshine, leader of this new generation, Pulsar with his rays of destruction, Firefall, wielder of the Living Flame, Sentry, a member of the winged Angel Elite, Hammerhand and his fists of steel, Javelin, master of an unbreakable staff of Plandanium steel, Scanner, fastest of them all, and the other new Spaceknights as they face off against the undying threat of the dreaded Dire Wraiths! If you've been hungering for cosmic action from Marvel, this one's for you! ? THE CREATORS: Written by the master of the cosmic tale, Jim Starlin, with amazing art by Chris Batista?and wait until you see his redesigns! ? THE FORMAT: Each chapter of this monthly, five-issue limited series is 32 pages, with ads. FC (1 of 5) Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #2
    Spaceknights (2000) 2

    cover by chris batista jim starlin/chris batista/chip wallace Led by the headstrong Terminator, the Spaceknights are called in to squash an uprising on the planet Trion. But is everything as it seems? Our young heroes get their first real taste of action?and the results are deadly! Plus: Tristan begins to see visions of the future, but will these warnings come in time to save his teammates?or will they instead cause tragedy? FC (2 of 5) Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #3
    Spaceknights (2000) 3

    cover by chris batista jim starlin/chris batista/chip wallace The Spacekinghts mourn the loss of one of their own! Following a tragic death, Tristan battles guilt and the suspicion of his own teammates?but someone else is lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike! Plus: the Spaceknights face off against the fatal fury of the Deathwings! "The art is beautiful and detailed. Fans of Robotech should enjoy the body armor; it is so cool. This is going to be a well-thought-out story with lots of intrigue and conflict. Jump on with #1; you won't be disappointed." -Diane Inwood, Comics Buyer's Guide FC (3 of 5) Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #4
    Spaceknights (2000) 4

    "Retreat and Regroup!" Retreating to a cruiser as the Deathwing attacks, the Spaceknights come into conflict with the Colonial Vanguard, Galador's colonial protectors. Both groups then hear that Galador has been attacked and Axadar has been destroyed. Characters: Spaceknights [Prince Barin [Terminator]; Prince Tristan [Liberator]; Val [Sentry]; Bron [Hammerhand]; Rhanla [Scanner]; Tarn [Firefall]; Lan [Pulsar]; Anarra [Starshine]; Vanium; Darin [Javelin]]; Lady Brandy Prime; Lord Gaspar; Janoth Kel; Velena Than; Talo; Lord Baldar; Wraithknights. Written by Jim Starlin and Chris Batista, with art by Chris Batista, Jon Holdredge and Eric Cannon. Cover pencils by Chris Batista. Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #5
    Spaceknights (2000) 5

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    cover by chris batista jim starlin/chris batista/tom chu The action-packed finale to the sprawling space saga! Will Tristan save Galador? Will Balin find redemption or fall from grace? Who will reveal his true form as a Dire Wraith? "Great story by Jim Starlin, and cool armor from Chris Batista. Buy this book. You'll like it." Cover price $2.99.