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Medikidz Explain Multiple Sclerosis (2012) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Medikidz Explain Multiple Sclerosis (2012) 1

    Written by Dr. Kim Chilman-Blair and Ian Rimmer. Art by Steve Copter, Jane Straw, and David Ocampo. Ryans mum is a taekwondo champion and Ryans hero. With another championship almost in the bag, her arm suddenly stops moving during the final bout and she is defeated. The doctor diagnoses multiple sclerosis, but Ryan doesnt really understand what is going on or how he can help. Luckily, the Medikidz are on hand to take Ryan on a trip to Mediland where they witness what happens to the body in MS and end up in the middle of a ferocious battle. How will they escape the attack from the bodys own immune cells? Will they avoid being sucked up by a giant needle? Join Ryan and the Medikidz in finding out about how nerves work, and how Ryans mum can best defend herself from another MS attack! 32 pages, Full Color.