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Aqua Knight Part 2 (2000) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Aqua Knight Part 2 (2000) 1

    by Yukito Kishiro Color poster in this issue! The high seas, chivalrous knights, and a mythical Age of Exploration are all parts of the new world from the creator of Battle Angel Alita! Ashika, the son of a lighthouse keeper, has become a slave to the richest and most pampered person in the world: the imperialist Alcontra, who destroyed the lighthouse of Faro. As Alcontra's seashell-shaped ship rolls across the ocean in fully automated comfort, aqua knight Ruliya is in pursuit ? but how will Ashika adjust to his new life in this mechanized and formalized vessel? And what priceless jewel is stashed in the ship's bowels? b&w, 32pg (1 of 5) Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #2
    Aqua Knight Part 2 (2000) 2

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    $5 Viz Comics -Aqua Knight Part 2 # 2 1999

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  • Issue #3
    Aqua Knight Part 2 (2000) 3

    by Yukito Kishiro The scrape of crab claws. The drip of water on ancient stone. As Ruliya pursues Ashika across the sea, a hooded boatsman invites her to stay the night in a giant castle rising from the ocean floor. But as she accepts the hospitality of the Akuma Knight, she finds herself growing drowsy, and forgetting her quest... Plus, in this issue, see Ruliya's childhood! b&w, 48pg (3 of 5) Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #4
    Aqua Knight Part 2 (2000) 4

    by Yukito Kishiro Lord Basso and Zuma take a trip back in time to see Ruliya's training, and there they discover her one weakness. In the present day, an old friend tells Ruliya to get rid of the Sword of Parca, while Zuma tells her to keep it. What will Ruliya choose, and will it be the right choice? b&w, 48pg (4 of 5) Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #5
    Aqua Knight Part 2 (2000) 5

    by Yukito Kishiro Ruliya awakens from the water castle's spell of illusion, but reality is no comfort ? she's surrounded by a horde of monstrous crustaceans, and her host, Basso, has transformed into a giant crab! In her last extremity, Ruliya remembers the magic Sword of Parca, which can summon Death Itself! b&w, 48pg (5 of 5) Cover price $3.50.