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Zendra (2001) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Zendra (2001) 1

    by Martin Montiel & JC Buelna. Zendra, a six-issue, sci-fi space opera tells the story of a far future where humans have been hunted to extinction, and one lone genetically engineered woman, H.A.L.L.E. (Humans Analog Life-Link Experiment), holds the key to the rebirth of the race. Will she find the answer on Zendra? Eisner Award-winner Stuart Moore's story combines frightening elements like human gene experimentation and alien conquest with nail-biting storytelling. Additionally, acclaimed fantasy artist Louis Royo launches the Zendra epic with a stunning painting. FC, 32pgs. Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #2
    Zendra (2001) 2

    The Blinding Country of Youth - Written by Stuart Moore. Art by Peter Gross, Martin Montiel Luna and J.C. Buelna. Cover pencils by Matt Marsilia. A voice in the darkness calls to Halle. It speaks of other worlds, new concepts, and the existence of humans. A genetic experiment and only half-human herself, Halle has grown up alone with no hope of ever encountering another of her kind. But now, everything is changing. With the only world she has ever known turning against her and the strange voice in the darkness growing ever stronger and more urgent, Halle has no choice but to run...but where is she running to? The safety and tranquility of the planet called Zendra? Or into the waiting clutches of the cruel and merciless man who helped obliterate the last of her race? 32 pages, full color. Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #3
    Zendra (2001) 3

    By Moore, Gross, Buelna, and Luna. "Child of the Short Spark": Halle, with Tau's assistance, flees her captors sent by her creator Dr. Forcilia. Having learned about the human's destruction at the hands of the Jekkarans, Halle must discover if any managed to survive to fulfill the Ancient's prophecy. As she attempts a jump into deep space through an Aesirian-controlled wormhole, Halle spots a Jekkaran ship lead by Abathor. A dramatic confrontation is about to occur. FC, 32pgs. Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #4
    Zendra (2001) 4

    By Moore, Gross, Montiel, Garcia, and Buelna. Taken aboard Abathor's scoutship, Halle lies mangled and unconscious on a filthy Jekkaran operating table. Using her body to smuggle a stolen Aesirian cocoon through deep space, the Jekkarans have implanted the strange glowing creature inside her ... and it's evolving! Curling its probing tendrils around her spine and melding with her soft tissues, no one knows what it will do to her. It could kill her - like it killed the others - or transform her into a hybrid with the power to finally defeat that Gentleman of Wounds. Cover by Pablo Villalobos & Mostafa Moussa. FC, 32pgs. Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #5
    Zendra (2001) 5

    By Moore, Luna, and Buelna. The Ancients have foretold that One shall rise; that One shall defeat the Jekkaran Empire and restore balance to the universe. The time of the prophecy is at hand. Halle and Tau have merged into one being and have grown in strength. But is it enough to stop the powerful force that Abathor wields? With the secrets of Zendra on the line, Halle knows she must fight to save the planet on which the universe depends. What she doesn't know is that Abathor has his own secret... one that could crush Halle's will to go on. Cover by Seth Fisher. FC, 32pgs. Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #6
    Zendra (2001) 6

    By Houghton, Wein, Baikie, Pepoy, Berry, and Chuckry. Cover by Richard Bennett. Will fulfillment of the prophecy save Halle too? In orbit above Zendra, Halle Aleph and his brother Kalla have disabled the weapons system of Abathor's ship. To escape a converging Jekkaran assault force, Halle dons a space suit to gain control of the ship's command center. Tau tells Halle she must not morph out of her human form or she will rip apart her space suit and die in the emptiness of space. Awaiting Halle, Abathor destroys his entire crew and makes his move against Halle. What does he have planned for Zendra? FC, 36pgs. Cover price $2.95.