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Uncle Scrooge the Golden Fleecing (1978 Dynabrite) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Uncle Scrooge the Golden Fleecing (1978 Dynabrite) 1

    "The Golden Fleecing"; Scrooge, who wants a coat woven of gold, is shown some of the legendary "golden fleece" by Arab-like traders who prove to be Harpies in disguise; The Harpies take Scrooge and Donald to Colchis, where Scrooge is to judge their cooking ability; The nephews come to the rescue; but Scrooge is swallowed by the Sleepless Dragon. "Billions in the Hole," script and art by Carl Barks; Uncle Scrooge shows Donald and his nephews his atom subtracter able to miniaturize a huge machine to place it in a small rocket, but a Beagle Boy disguised as a janitor nearby overhears the conversation. Reprints the classic Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge and the Golden Fleece #11355. A Dynabrite Comic. 11352. 52 pgs., full color, 7-in. x 10-1/4-in., stiff covers, inside covers blank, with higher quality paper and printing than that found in the standard comic from this period. Cover price $0.69.