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Dinosaurs Attack! (1991) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Dinosaurs Attack! (1991) 1

    Written by Gary Gerani. Art by Herb Trimpe, George Freeman and Earl Norem. Only issue 1 (of 3) was published, but here's a teaser for issue 2: "The invasion continues as hordes of ravenous dinosaurs spread across the country, treating our world as an off-the-wagon weight watcher might treat the all-you-can-eat breakfast bar at Big Boy's! Can nothing stop this reptilian menace from the primordial past? The Timescan experiment is to blame--but was it really an accident that allowed the monsters to pass into our time?" But's a teaser for issue 3: "The deadly dinosaurs have found a leader in the semi-human Saurian, and it looks like humanity is facing its greatest challenge ever. Be there for the ultimate survival story, as the determined doctor and his lovely assistant scientist attempt to turn back the tide of murderous Saurians...thunder lizards determined to regain the once unequaled and unquestioned power to rule the earth they lost many ages ago." FC, 48 pg. Cover price $3.95.