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Age of Reptiles (1993) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Age of Reptiles (1993) 1

    By RICARDO DELGADO. It's morning in America - Cretaceous America, that is! In an era when dinosaurs rule, a small band of intrepid Deinonychuses fights tooth and claw for survival - and for these bloodthirsty reptiles, survival means meat! Deprived of a spectacular kill by a roving Tyrannosaurus, the band exact a precise and terrible revenge! Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #2
    Age of Reptiles (1993) 2

    By RICARDO DELGADO. A peaceful lagoon, a gentle herd of grazing Parasaurolophi, and one hungry T. Rex exploding onto the scene - thus opens the second amazing issue of Age of Reptiles, the most exciting and realistic dinosaur comic ever! Hunt with a pack of Deinonychuses, face down a herd of Triceratops, watch a Deinonychus nest attacked by a T. Rex. And don't miss the largest, hungriest crocodile you've ever seen! Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #3
    Age of Reptiles (1993) 3

    By RICARDO DELGADO. The mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, the most fearsome predator of all time, is the focus of this exciting issue. The wily Deinonychus band has stolen the eggs of a family of Tyrannosaurs, and these T. Rexes want revenge! Their plan: an ambush by the sea, where the Deinonychuses are chowing down on turtle eggs. Everything is running according to plan until an Ichthyosaur - one of the biggest, baddest sea-monsters to have ever lived - decides to join in the fun! Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #4
    Age of Reptiles (1993) 4

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    By RICARDO DELGADO. The Deinonychus pack tracks an old Sauropod into the desert, where they discover the Sauropod graveyard, the eerie necropolis where the largest dinosaurs of all go to die. In this bone-littered landscape, they must fight a bizarre band of carrion dinosaurs of every species. Cover price $2.50.