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Naza (1963) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Naza (1963) 1
    Published Nov 1963 by Dell.

    12-555-401 (#1) painted cover. Cover price $0.12.

  • Issue #2
    Naza (1963) 2
    Published Apr 1964 by Dell.

    Numbered 12-555-406 on cover. "Escape!", pencils by Jack Sparling, inks by Frank Springer; Having freed the last survivors of his tribe from Borg captivity, Naza leads them back toward their homeland, finding the trail with the help of Roon; Naza fights off wild beasts and pursuing Borg, while Vang surreptitiously leaves a trail for the Borg, hoping to gain their favor and receive Keena as reward. "The Treacherous Sand," pencils by Jack Sparling, inks by Frank Springer; Naza leads his party into the desert, fighting off a giant bat and finding water with the help of Roon; When the Borg party catches up with them, Vang clubs Naza from behind and seizes Keena. Naza recovers and leads his remaining friends in a hopeless fight. "Battle of the Animal Men," pencils by Jack Sparling, inks by Frank Springer; The weird animal men appear and scatter the Borg; Naza recovers Keena and carries the wounded Roon back to their homeland, despite a badly infected wound of his own; Vang flees from single combat with Naza but continues to plot against him from hiding. "Mans Beginnings"; Illustration with factual paragraph on human evolution. 36 pgs. Cover price $0.12.

  • Issue #3
    Naza (1963) 3
    Published Sep 1964 by Dell.

    "Ambush!" Painted cover. Number on cover 12-555-409 July-Sept. Cover price $0.12.

  • Issue #4
    Naza (1963) 4
    Published Oct 1964 by Dell.

    "Sky Menace" and "The Disaster." Number on cover: 12-555-412 Oct.-Dec. Cover price $0.12.

  • Issue #5
    Naza (1963) 5
    Published Mar 1965 by Dell.
    • Water damage.

    "Cave of Fear," "The Challenge," and "Final Fight." Gil Kane cover. Number on cover 12-555-503 Jan.-Mar. Cover price $0.12.

  • Issue #6
    Naza (1963) 6
    Published Jun 1965 by Dell.

    Cover art by Jack Sparling. "The Giant Hunters," art by Jack Sparling; Naza and his tribe enter a valley that appears to be inhabited by giants. "Cave of Beasts," art by Jack Sparling; The group fights several apparently giant animals and just as they manage to discover that a new fruit they've been eating is hallucinogenic, they are captured by other humans. "The Fatal Fire," art by Jack Sparling; The enemy tries to burn Naza and his tribe but Naza tricks them into seeing visions from the fruit, buying time to barely escape the flames; Naza then tries to get the enemy tribe to abandon the fruit, but they refuse and Naza's band must destroy the fruit grove and move on. 36 pgs. Cover price $0.12.

  • Issue #7
    Naza (1963) 7
    Published Sep 1965 by Dell.
  • Issue #8
    Naza (1963) 8
    Published Dec 1965 by Dell.

    "The Savage Stonemen," "Revolt," and "The Maze." Jack Sparling cover. Number on cover 12-555-512 Oct.-Dec. Cover price $0.12.

  • Issue #9
    Naza (1963) 9
    Published Mar 1966 by Dell.