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Complete Book of Comics and Funnies (1944) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Complete Book of Comics and Funnies (1944) 1

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    Cover by Bob Oksner. Stories and art by Bob Oksner, Don Williams, Ben Levin, Ken Battefield, William Hudson, Ed Good, John Ushler, Gil Turner, Max Plaisted, Leo Isaacs, Tony Loeb, E. Smith, William Martin and Everett Kinstler. A wide-ranging anthology featuring superheroes, funny animals, historical adventure and jungle action. The debut of adventure heroes Wonderman, Zudo, Magnet, and Silver Knight, who would later appear in Mystery Comics (1944); Jungle lord Zudo battles ivory hunters; Grant Halford, aka Magnet, invents a "Geo-Locator" that allows him to find bad guys or missing persons. The Wonderman who appears in this issue has no connection to either the Wonder Man created by Will Eisner for Fox or the later Marvel character. Brad Spencer--Wonderman; Swifty Smith; Perky the Quiz Pig; Zudo; Cactus Cal; Chimp the Champ; Magnet; Pancho and Poco; Pa Tucket; Battleship the Wag; Silver Knight; Pip the Penguin; Wilbur; Chips; Iglik the Eskimo; Red, Bloodhound Detective. 132 pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.25.