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X-Men Gambit TPB (2016 Marvel) The Complete Collection comic books

  • Issue #1-1ST
    X-Men Gambit TPB (2016 Marvel) The Complete Collection 1-1ST

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    Volume 1 - 1st printing. Collects Gambit (1999) Wizard 1/2, Gambit (1999-2001 3rd Series) #1-11 and ANNUAL '99, Gambit (1999-2001 3rd Series) Marvel Authentix Edition, and material from X-Men Unlimited (1993-2003 1st Series) #18.

    Written by Fabian Nicieza and Tom DeFalco. Art by Pasqual Ferry, Steve Skroce, Mat Broome, Walter McDaniel, and Marcello Frusin. Cover by Steve Skroce.

    Gambit plays his cards right and vaults into his own kinetically charged solo adventures! He's a lover and a thief, but what else does ragin' Cajun Remy LeBeau get up to when he isn't hangin' wit' de X-Men? Would you believe raiding lost temples of Doom? Clashing with the deadly X-Cutioner? Or teaming up with Sabretooth? Still, there's always time for the ladies -- like old friend Storm and his favorite cherie, Rogue. But who is Gambit's gaseous green guardian? Look into the past with teen Gambit, and go even farther back to watch Remy's dad in action with Sgt. Fury's Howling Commandos!

    Plus: Rarely seen adventures, including a splashdown with Hydro-Man! Anyt'ing is possible wit' Gambit, mon ami!

    Softcover, 384 pages, full color.

    Cover price $34.99.

  • Issue #2-1ST
    X-Men Gambit TPB (2016 Marvel) The Complete Collection 2-1ST X-Men Gambit TPB (2016 Marvel) The Complete Collection 2-1ST

    Volume 2 - 1st printing. Collects Collects Gambit (1999-2001 3rd Series) #12-25 and ANNUAL 2000.

    Written by Fabian Nicieza, Scott Lobdell, and Joe Pruett . Art by Anthony Williams, Yanick Paquette, Joe St. Pierre, and Georges Jeanty . Cover by Georges Jeanty.

    The Cajun rages on! Join Gambit on a time-tossed trip to the 19th century, and discover how the Thieves Guild was shaped by Candra...and Mr. Sinister! Back in the present, Remy needs help - and Rogue flies to his aid! Thanks to Gambit's evolving powers, he can finally greet her with a kiss - but as his abilities get more unstable, any thoughts of romance will be short-lived. Gambit's destiny looms as he takes leadership of the Guild - assuming he can survive an Assassination Game against deadly villains like Bullseye, Constrictor, Zaran, Deadpool...and Archangel? And what are X-Cutioner and Ego the Living Planet doing here?! Gambit will finally discover the secret of his mysterious patron, the New Son - but is he hero or villain, and what will Gambit have to sacrifice to triumph?

    Softcover, 408 pages, full color.

    Cover price $34.99.