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Black Lightning TPB (2016-2018 DC) comic books

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Black Lightning TPB (2016-2018 DC) 1-1ST

    Volume 1 - 1st printing. Collects Black Lightning (1977 1st Series) #1-11 and material from World's Finest (1941-1986) #260, and Cancelled Comics Cavalcade.

    Written by Tony Isabella and Dennis O'Neil. Art by Trevor Von Eeden and Michael Netzer. Cover by Rich Buckler and Frank Springer.

    With the power to generate electricity from within, Jefferson Pierce adopts the secret identity of Black Lightning! But it will take all of his abilities to protect his Metropolis neighborhood of Suicide Slum from those that seek to destroy it.

    With guest appearances from Superman and more!

    Softcover, 232 pages, full color.

    Cover price $19.99.

  • Issue #2-1ST
    Black Lightning TPB (2016-2018 DC) 2-1ST Black Lightning TPB (2016-2018 DC) 2-1ST

    Volume 2 - 1st printing. Collects Brave and the Bold (1955-1983 1st Series DC) #163, DC Comics Presents (1978-1986 DC) #16, Justice League of America (1960-1987 1st Series) #173-174, and stories from Detective Comics (1937-2011 1st Series) #490-491 and 494-495 and World's Finest (1941-1986) #257-261.

    Written by Paul Kupperberg, Denny O'Neil, Martin Pasko, J. M. DeMatteis, Ross Andru, and Gerry Conway. Art by Dick Giordano, Joe Staton, Pat Broderick, Gerald Forton, Dick Dillin, George Tuska, Rich Buckler, Marshall Rogers, Mike Nasser, and Romeo Tanghal. Cover by Jim Aparo.

    Presenting never-before-reprinted adventures of Jefferson Pierce, a.k.a. Black Lightning!

    Softcover, 184 pages, full color.

    Cover price $19.99.