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Tender Romance (1953) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Tender Romance (1953) 1

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    "I Had Everything"; Ruth marries wealthy Tony and grows bored with him; She has an affair with handyman Jon; Tony tries to kill them both with an axe but Jon defends himself and Tony is permanently paralyzed. "Beauty and the Beast"; Jeff asks his society girlfriend Linda to romance boxer Pete; Pete falls in love with Linda and Jeff advises him to throw a big fight to earn enough money to marry her; Jeff will also make a fortune by betting against Jeff; Linda tells Pete she loves him and he doesnt need to earn dishonest money. "Ring, Telephone Ring!" text story. "Rich Man's Daughter," art by Hy Fleishman; Rich Valerie falls in love with lawyer Bert; he defends "the little guy in trouble" and doesnt expect to get rich; Valeries father offers to set them up with a private wing of his mansion and provide other luxuries, but Bert turns him down, not wanting to be in debt to him. "Alimony"; After their young son Teddy dies of pneumonia, Joan and Hanks marriage dissolves; They divorce and Joan demands excessive alimony in revenge; She spends the money wildly and refuses to take less. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #2
    Tender Romance (1953) 2

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    Cover art by Bernard Baily. "Lovers!"; Betsy and Bill want to marry, but her mother opposes the match.; Betsys Uncle Jim tells them the story of a young man who found out his girlfriend loved another; in the end all three of them separated, unhappily. "The Song in My Heart"; Pennys mother, a former actress, pushes her daughters Pat and Penny into show business; Penny loves Gene but her mothers strict regimen harms their relationship. "Miss Efficiency!" text story. "My Stolen Love!"; Famous model Faith goes on a bond-selling tour with Korean War ace pilot Paul; They fall in love and get secretly married, but Paul is sent back into action and is killed; Faith has twins and leaves them with Pauls parents, anonymously, to avoid scandal. "Summer Romance"; Lynn and Ruth run a travel agency; Ruth books wealthy Tad a vacation at Golden Acres, and suggests Lynn go there as well; Posing as a rich guest, Lynn meets Tad and they fall in love but he doesnt propose marriage. "Ugly!", art by Sal Trapani; Unattractive Belinda is advised by her psychiatrist to forget about her troubles by volunteering at a veterans hospital; She enjoys the work and is accepted by the patients; She spends time with blind veteran Ken and they become friends. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.