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Army at War (1978) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Army at War (1978) 1
    Published Nov 1978 by DC.

    A different approach to war comics! 4 sensational stories! From the Revolution -- to World War II -- to Vietnam! Featuring: 8 page story "To Trap a Traitor." In this tale, two months before D-Day, Sgt Libertini is parachuting into German territory with the rest of his team on a recon mission. However, his mind is not so much on the mission at hand as it is exposing one of his own men as being a Nazi agent. Written by Scott Edelman, with art by Ruben Yandoc. Plus: 4 page story "A Nasty Little Thing." In this tale, Lt. Harrigan is lucky at cards, horses, and girls. Why shouldn't a war be different? Written by Steve Utley, with art by Dick Ayers. Also: 6 page story "Free Fire Zone." In this tale, Mike and Pepper are two Marines manning an observation post somewhere in Vietnam. When they spy movement in the free-fire zone they are charged to watch, they call in an artillery strike. After the strike they discover the movement wasn't what they thought it was. Written by Bob Groll, with art by Frank Redondo. And: 5 page story "Easy Money." In this tale, Captain Latham rounds up a crew in a local tavern to aid him in attacking a British merchant ship in a New Jersey harbor...using a whaling boat. Written by Bill Kelley, with art by Romeo Tanghal and David Hunt. Bonus tale: 2 page story "The Lighthouse War" (illustrated narrative detailing the non-fictional fight in 1836 at Cape Florida Lighthouse between local settlers and Seminole Indians) is written by David Michelinie, with art by Jerry Bingham and John Celardo. Cover by Joe Kubert. Cover price $0.50.