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Eclipse and Vega Super Sized Special (2004 SSS Comics) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Eclipse and Vega Super Sized Special (2004 SSS Comics) 1

    Written by Chris Yambar, Saul Colt, and James Patrick. Art by Bill Jankowski, Mark Gallivan, Bill Maus, Mark McElligott, and John Warren, plus pin-ups by Andy Lee, Chris Giarrusso, DJ Coffman, Marc Wolfe, Brian Rood and Michael Bridges. Cover by Greg Horn. A collection of stories and pin-ups featuring Saul Colts female super-duo. Eclipse and Vega attempt to take a vacation for the summer; they attend a fantasy camp; and revealed at last, the origin of the teams mentor, Packaging Man. What I Did On My Summer Break; The Origin of Packaging Man; Fantasy Camp. Sometimes listed as Eclipse and Vega #5. Followed by Eclipse and Vega The Beds We Make. 48 pages, Full Color.