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Naked Brain (2002) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Naked Brain (2002) 1

    by Marc Hempel Gregory creator and Sandman artist Marc Hempel bares all with these works of sublime silliness and subversive satire. Included are many of the Naked Brain strips that have attracted so much attention on the Internet, plus a gaggle of gag cartoons, fully-painted cover art, sexy and uncensored sketchbook pages, and the triumphant return of Tug & Buster! Bimonthly. b&w, 24pg (1 of 3) $2.95 Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #2
    Naked Brain (2002) 2

    by Marc Hempel Of all the issues of Naked Brain that have been published, #2 is the absolute nakedest! In this special "birth, death, and everything in-between" issue, Marc Hempel's subversive subconscious reveals cosmic truths, the secret to inner peace, and the meaning of life itself! Even Tug & Buster question the nature of personal reality! Plus, surreal sketches, a special appearance by Jesus, and a four-fisted debate with fellow funnyman Evan Dorkin! Don't miss this cradle-to-grave gag-fest of fun! Bi- monthly mini-series. b&w, 32pg (2 of 3) $2.95 Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #3
    Naked Brain (2002) 3

    by Marc Hempel WARNING: Reading this book at more than a page at a time will result in unrestrained laughter! Only Marc Hempel could fill page after page with these funny and disturbing comics and gag cartoons, because his name is in the title! All this and Tug & Buster, Victim Victoria, unseen sketchbook pages, an incredible fully-painted front cover and lots more ? all from the manic mind of America's most beloved semi-obscure cartoonist. Bonus: Free Toy Inside! (Assembly and mutilation of comic book required.) b&w, 32pg (3 of 3) $2.95 Cover price $2.95.