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Jack the Lantern 10th Anniversary Edition (2013 Castle Rain) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Jack the Lantern 10th Anniversary Edition (2013 Castle Rain) 1

    Anniversary edition reprint of Jack the Lantern #0 (2003). Written by Michael Angelos. Art by Scott Lee. Cover by Tim Vigil. The year is 1990 and there is an unforeseeable force making its home in Sacramento, CA. Its first line of business: Eradicate the competition. But unknown to the evil force, it has attracted the attention of an ancient adversary who is also masked in shadows waiting for the one. Enter Jack Gordon Corby, a man who has spent his entire life trying to chase the demons from his past. Until recently, with the help of Dr. Frank Casper, Jack has been taking his life back in very small but cautious steps. But when Frank offers Jack a special treatment that will allow him to reclaim his life, Jack draws close to a greater, epic conflict that will open his mind to the unimaginable. 28 pages, B&W. Mature Readers.