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Agents of Atlas TPB (2018 Marvel) The Complete Collection comic books

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Agents of Atlas TPB (2018 Marvel) The Complete Collection 1-1ST Agents of Atlas TPB (2018 Marvel) The Complete Collection 1-1ST

    Volume 1 - 1st printing. Collects Agents of Atlas (2006 Marvel) #1-6; X-Men: First Class (2006 1st Series) #8; Wolverine: Agent of Atlas (2008) Digital Comic #1-3; Agents of Atlas (2009 Marvel) #1-5; What If (1977-1984 1st Series) #9; AGENTS OF ATLAS: MENACE FROM SPACE; and material from Spider-Man Family (2007 Marvel) #4, Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? (2008), Dark Reign: New Nation (2008), Marvel Mystery Comics (1939-1949) #82, Venus (1948-1952 Marvel) #1, Marvel Boy (1950) #1, Men's Adventures (1951-1954 Marvel/Atlas) #26, Menace (1953 Atlas) #11 and Yellow Claw (1956) #1.

    Written by Jeff Parker, Don Glut, Roy Thomas, Chris Giarrusso, Harvey Kurtzman, and Joe Maneely. Art by Leonard Kirk, Roger Cruz, Benton Jew, Carlo Pagulayan, Gabriel Hardman, Clayton Henry, Jason Paz, Alan Kupperberg, Bill Black, Chris Giarrusso, Ken Bald, Syd Shores, Harvey Kurtzman, Russ Heath, Robert Q. Sale, Joe Maneely, and John Romita, Sr. Cover by Leinil Francis Yu.

    The spy. The spaceman. The goddess. The robot. The gorilla. During the 1950s, FBI Agent Jimmy Woo forged a handful of unlikely heroes into a team of espionage operatives. Now, half a century later, the Agents of Atlas return to take the Marvel Universe by storm! Woo, Marvel Boy, Venus, the Human Robot and Gorilla Man battle the Yellow Claw, face down Norman Osborn's Dark Reign, and encounter Spider-Man, Wolverine and the X-Men! Plus: The Agents' amazing Atlas Era debuts!

    Softcover, 488 pages, full color. Cover price $39.99.